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  • Shawn Nelson
  • Shawn Nelson

    Marketing & Technology Coordinator

    Shawn Nelson began his design career completely by accident. After buying a computer for his graduate studies in Seminary, he discovered that his creativity went well beyond his musical foundations.  After only 3 or 4 months, Shawn landed a job as a graphic artist and was soon leading a team of them. That was many moons ago, and he is still using his creative gifts to raise the standard both as a designer and a business leader. Having run his own design business for many years, his experience with clients and marketing their businesses makes him an excellent fit for our team.


    As Marketing and Technology Coordinator for Minteer Real Estate Team, Shawn manages the consistency of the team’s brand and delivers engaging marketing collateral that is pleasing to the eye. His ability to pick up on the latest technology along with his strategic planning, keeps our team on the cutting edge. His print and web design skills are a perfect compliment to his unique ability match phrase with photo or copy with color.


    In his free time, Shawn still loves singing and acting, performing in community theater or church productions. He also loves watching movies, going to museums, experiencing theater and spending time with his beautiful wife, Danetta, and daughters, Deidre and Dharma.