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Reasons for Being an Off-Season Buyer

Reasons for Being an Off-Season Buyer


While the Spring may typically be seen as the best time to purchase a home, don’t rule out the winter months. With the rise in job creation this fall, the demand for housing is continuing to grow. Combine that with the fact that it’s now cheaper to own than to rent, it’s a ripe time to buy.

However, buying a home during the winter months isn’t seen as the “right time” for most people. That’s great for those of you who have been searching for homes in today’s hot Seller market. Competition for low inventory creates multiple offers and repeated disappointment as you lose out on another offer. If you continue your house hunting into the winter, patience and persistence may finally pay off.

Here’s 4 reasons why it’s great to be an off-season Buyer:
  • Less Competition. The real estate market that has been blazing in Dallas/Fort Worth, declines in the winter. With fewer Buyers, you have a better chance of getting your offer accepted in this low inventory market without having to be in an expensive multiple offer situation.
  • Motivated Sellers. Sellers who still haven’t sold their home in the winter or are listing in the winter months are generally more motivated to sell and may make some extra concessions they wouldn’t make during the peak buying season.
  • Faster Closings. Lenders and Title Companies usually don’t have as heavy a workload during the off season, which means they can often complete your transaction faster.
  • Test Your Home Efficiency. Heating, insulation and plumbing systems undergo more extreme use and conditions during the winter seasons. You’ll be able to experience how they handle the winter wear during your home inspection before you close on the home.

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(Source: Texas Real Estate)