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9 Things Buyers Should Ignore While House Hunting

Looking for your dream home can be exciting. But house hunting for that dream home can be a challenge. While there are some things you shouldn’t ignore when finding the perfect home such as too few bedrooms, out of your price range, not in your ideal area, online real estate site Trulia has put together 9 things buyers SHOULD ignore while house hunting.

1. An “Older” Home

Old isn’t always synonymous with bad. Some homes built decades ago have stood the test of time because they were built with solid, quality materials and have a classic style. Don’t always assume that new=nicer, either. Some newer homes are “affordable” because they were built cheaply. Remember that there are many simple fixes for dated homes, and the plus side of an older home is charm and character you can’t find in a brand new build.

2. Paint Colors

Things that may not be a huge deterrent in the long run can distract buyers unnecessarily. Ignore the existing paint choices and focus on the structure of the room, the placement of the windows, and other more permanent features. Paint is an incredibly easy and a cheap fix in a home and something that can be changed in just a couple hours.

3. Wacky Wallpaper

Like paint, wallpaper is easily replaced or covered over. So no matter how designed challenged the walls seem to look – it’s an easy fix.

4. Kitchen Appliances And Accessories

The kitchen is the heart of the home and often, the appliances aren’t going to live up to most buyers’ dreams. As long as you leave some room in the budget, or have a timeline to replace the existing appliances, a seller’s yellow fridge shouldn’t be a deal broker.

5. Ugly Carpet

Flooring options are getting more and more diverse and there are now many low-cost options that look exactly like their higher-priced counterparts. Don’t walk away from a great house just because the floor is a bore – or a mess.

6. Funky Smells

Except for a serious mold problem, there’s nothing a deep cleaning can’t fix. Plug your nose and focus on the home’s bones and the potential it has when you give it your own touch.

7. Curb Appeal

If you’re not saying “wow” when you first drive up, that’s ok. Remind yourself that your agent saw something of value in the property. Close your eyes and envision a different colored front door and some new landscapting, and presto – it might just be your dream home!

8. Popcorn Ceilings

It’s great at the movies, but not at home. No worries! A ceiling specialist can come in and have it all that scrapped off. It can be a messy issue and can be pricey, but it’s not the end of the world.

9. No Privacy

If the house feels too exposed and lacks privacy from next door – there are ways to fix that. Remember that hedges make great neighbors. Work with your agent to see if there are smart solutions as to how to remedy the issue.

(Source: Trulia.com)

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