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Design Experts Predict Hot Home Trends and Fading Fads for 2018

design expertsBe sure to give your bar cart one last good hurrah this New Year’s Eve, because once 2018 hits, it will apparently no longer be on-trend.

That’s what the annual Zillow Home Trend Forecast predicts, along with five hot home trend must-haves and two other fads that are so 2017.

Fashionable homeowners will be scoping out floral prints in bold, contrasting colors in 2018, especially for large decor pieces such as drapes and chairs. Afraid of too much change? Get funky with throw pillows.

Or look down to make a change, with statement floors replacing statement walls. Brightly colored geometric tile, light-colored herringbone-style hardwoods — it doesn’t matter, so long as it’s striking. This trend will be especially big in bathrooms and laundry rooms, helping small spaces pop without adding clutter.

“Warming up” is a big theme for 2018, with light and medium wood cabinets making a comeback (extra points for flat fronts) and moody neutral color palettes (think warm reds to caramel browns) showing up both on walls and in artwork.

What should be the finishing touch? Matte metal, whether it’s found in the light fixtures or kitchen hardware. Matte metal drawer pulls are a beautiful complement to those lighter wood cabinets, and are a step up from shiny silver or gold.

Design experts have found that on the outs are white kitchens, which Zillow has recently found sell for less money (perhaps because they are so hard to keep clean).

“From painting island cabinets a navy blue to contrasting white countertops with medium or light wood cabinets, adding color and texture in the kitchen can help make the space feel more comfortable and inviting,” say the experts at Zillow.

Another once-popular trend that’s due for a decline is succulents. Though the plants are low-maintenance and often colorful, Zillow thinks homeowners will seek out other, leafier options in the new year.

And don’t toss that bar cart just yet — it could have another life as a coffee cart.

“While perfectly staged bar carts look beautiful, they often go unused on a daily basis, taking up space and collecting dust,” says Zillow. “Instead, design experts predict a shift toward coffee carts, which can be equally trendy but far more practical.”

By Lindsey Wilson