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How to Give Your Home the “Fixer Upper” Look

How to Give Your Home the “Fixer Upper” Look

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Have you ever said to yourself, “Can Joanna Gaines just come over and redecorate my house?” Some of our staff have said this multiple times. Joanna’s modern-rustic style has become on point lately because it’s cozy, effortless and just says home. So here’s some ways you can add this style to your home.

Curb Appeal

You know Joanna has touched a home by its gorgeous curb appeal. Add some greenery-filled window boxes, a dark neutral hue or natural wood door, and flank that door with twin container gardens. Joanna’s homes always evoke the Southern ease and charm with their wonderful front porches. Add some rocking porches or a porch swing to get the look.

Neutral Hues

The homes in Fixer Upper all have a neutral color palette with shades of taupe, beige, grey, cream and white. These comfy shades throughout the home create a flow and a cohesive look. With each season, new colors can be brought in through different accent pieces. But overall, the neutral hues create a relaxing home.


To help the home have depth and balance, texture is a must for homes with neutral colors. Add texture using different materials like distressed furniture or pieces from the outdoors. Or add Joanna’s favorite texture: shiplap. Dimensional pieces will add visual interest to a room.

Organic Pieces

Bringing the outdoors in is a huge element in the “Fixer Upper” style. Use reclaimed wood to create a kitchen island or use wood shelves in a kitchen paired with industrial plumbing. Or take a sugar mold and add green succulents in it and use as decorations in the living room.


Joanna loves to incorporate sayings, quotes, signs and words as art pieces in the home.

Use wood

From hardwood flooring to wood beams to wood furniture, Joanna loves adding wood to a home. Showcasing these wood pieces can add warmth to the home.

Use architectural elements as art

Joanna loves to use unexpected objects as art pieces. Use doors, windows, iron pieces, antique bicycles and incorporate them as a showcase piece in the room its hanging.

Use vintage furniture as statement pieces

Joanna regularly uses large vintage inspired furniture when decorating homes to give each room a focal point. Once you have the piece, don’t clutter the room with more pieces and too much “stuff”. Let the piece actually speak for itself.

Use metals

Joanna’s design often has a modern, industrial feel to it, especially in the kitchen or bathroom. Whether it’s through lighting, industrial décor, furniture, plumbing or metal shelving, you’ll often find metal incorporated in the homes, often mixed with wood. Metal keeps the color palette neutral while adding texture and character.

Have fun incorporating this style into your home, and don’t stress too much if you don’t feel as if you’ve got the look down perfect.

As Joanna says, “I like to encourage women to always remember that their home is a reflection of their hearts and of their families, not a magazine or like someone else’s lifestyle. Keep it true to who you are. It’s important you love your home and that  your children are inspired by it. I learned in our recent move that it’s not about the curb appeal or amenities, it’s about the spaces you create and who you create them for.”