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Should You Hire a Family Member?

Should You Hire a Family Member?

Trust is an important factor in finding the right realtor when you are buying or selling a home. The importance of trust in the realtor/client relationship makes many people assume that working with a family member or close friend is the best option. Who could you possibly trust more than someone with whom you share a long and close relationship? However, it is important to think twice before having a family member or friend represent you as your agent.

This is a Big Decision!

You need to understand the significance of your decision to buy a home. This is an important financial decision that will impact you for years to come. Making decisions that are this important can be stressful! It can be difficult to both give and receive advice from a friend or family member.

Typically, impartiality and professionalism are important when it comes to making such decisions, and impartiality and professionalism are difficult to achieve between two individuals who have a long and close relationship. Sometimes, clients come to situations in which they are compelled to fire their realtors. Understandably, firing a family member or friend can be difficult and could even potentially destroy a valuable relationship.

Many times, those who rely on family members to represent them in a real estate transaction work with family members who are really not experts on the particular area or neighborhood in which they are looking for a home. One of the most important factors of choosing the right agent is finding someone who is truly an authority on the real estate market in question.

Experience is Important!

Those who do not work in real estate often don’t understand that there are many individuals who identify themselves as realtors but who don’t actually have a great deal of experience closing transactions. Statistically, about 90 percent of real estate transactions are handled by only 10 percent of real estate agents. Just because he or she is licensed as a realtor, your friend or family member may not necessarily be experienced.

The important takeaway is that is in your interest to work with a full-time, professional realtor. Furthermore, they should be an expert in your local area. A team also works in your favor, because you have several people working together on your sale or purchase. Of course, a family member might be the local professional! In that case it may be the right choice to work with them.

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