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Minteer Real Estate Team, Your Partner in Education

Photo Courtesy of the Carroll Education Foundation

At Minteer Team, we not only want to guide you through the home buying or selling process here in North Texas. But we also want to be good shepherds of our community as evident by our core mission and values. 


Our business is intimately connected to the neighborhoods and communities in which we work and live, which is why we are committed to volunteering and supporting it.

One of the ways we are actively achieving this fundamental mission is by supporting the Carroll Education Foundation. 

About the Carroll Education Foundation

The vision of the Carroll Education Foundation aligns with our core values and missions. As they seek -” A community united in providing private resources to ensure an exceptional education for all CISD students, now and for future generations.”  

Their mission is to build financial support from the community and corporate partners to ensure excellence in education for all students in CISD. The way they aim to accomplish their mission is to supplement funds for teachers and other educators whose positions the state of Texas does not require. But the community considers it necessary for superior education. 

We are so proud to partner with a program that invests in our teachers. 

A Look at the Numbers

Last year, the Carroll Education Foundation promised a new fundraising approach to support CISD, its teachers, and our students. They recently announced that as a result of that transformation, they were able to deliver a record-setting $415,000 donation to CISD! Incredibly, 100% of the money raised last year is being used to help fund teachers on every campus!

The Southlake community helped quadruple their donation to CISD. The community partnership allows them to create a culture of philanthropy for the benefit of the District by focusing on fantastic teachers. Their dedication and commitment to students is the inspiration behind everything Carroll Education Foundation does.  

Moving Forward 

CEF is just getting started. Due to the ever-increasing pressure of the Robin Hood school finance system that requires CISD to send more than $30 million to the state annually. CEF will continue its mission to fund teachers that the state does not deem critical, but the community believes are necessary to deliver exceptional education. 
CEF is honored to be a non-profit organization that supports the Southlake community and one of the top 10 school districts in the nation. If you would like to help ensure that the extraordinary students of today become the leaders of tomorrow, please visit their site.

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