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Real Estate Partners that Can Change With You

Have you ever decided to change your whole life? Maybe things were going along smoothly with no reason for a change. But a home for sale in your dream neighborhood caught your eye. You think to yourself, I’ll just put an offer in for fun and see what happens. Then whammo, your offer is accepted and it’s time to move.

Now what? At Minteer Real Estate team, not only do we help people buy and sell homes every day, we have also been in their shoes. We have first hand knowledge of all that goes into not only the “business” side of home buying, but also the real life stuff like packing and moving little ones. Oh boy, can that be stressful!

What we want every client we work with to know is, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Need a recommendation for a mover, ask us? Not sure about homeowners insurance, we can help!

Of course, if you already own a home, then you also have to deal with the list of items that goes into selling your home. Things like peeping and staging it to sell. And if repairs need to be made, finding trusted contractors is at the top of that list. Not to worry we’ve been there. We can help out there too.

Don’t let overwhelm ruin the excitement of moving into a new home, reach out and ask us for guidance if you need it. We are happy to help!

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