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Sellers Can Cash-in on Spring Cleaning

Sellers Can Cash-in on Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here, and that is typically good news when you’re selling your home. The sun shines longer, your yard comes back to life and buyers are more plentiful. Spring is also traditionally when we think about how we can clean up our homes and it couldn’t be more important when preparing to sell a house. The following are a few spring cleaning tips that home sellers should keep in mind to clean and prepare their property:

Whole-house cleaning

A whole-house spring cleaning session is necessary for every home that is being sold. Layers of dust and cobwebs are not going to attract prospective buyers. Owners should be sure to focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. These rooms are often the rooms that help to sell the house. Owners will want to make sure that every fixture and feature is dirt and grime-free. The kitchen and bathrooms should be sparkling once they’ve been cleaned.

Get rid of clutter

Property owners should make sure that there is as little clutter as possible. Clutter, whether it’s the property owner’s possessions or furniture, can pose a safety risk if it is blocking pathways throughout the home. Not to mention that a full house can make the space look smaller than it actually is. Prospective buyers may even think that the house is cluttered because there isn’t enough storage space. Get rid of anything that is no longer necessary! Throw things out, donate or put things in storage. This will help clear out the home and make it feel larger and more spacious.

Get rid of personal décor

The home should be staged without any personal connection. The owner will want the prospective buyer to be able to imagine the house as being theirs. This becomes more difficult if the owner has photographs of his or her family hung throughout the house, with artwork by his or her children stuck to the fridge. This will make it difficult for prospective buyers to form a connection with it.

Organize closets

Buyers will look in closets and cupboards. Owners should make sure all cabinets and closets are clean and organized – prospective buyers like to take a look in these spaces.

These are a just few spring cleaning tips that will make it easier to show your home when you are ready to sell. If you are ready to or considering selling, contact Minteer Real Estate Team about putting your home on the market or get an estimation of your home’s value.