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Turn Your House into a Smart Home

Turn Your House into a Smart Home

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We may not be living in the days of the Jetsons with flying cars, the food-a-rac-a-cycle or the helpfulness of a Rosie, but homes are definitely becoming smarter. Thirteen percent of all homes with a broadband connection have at least one smart home device. And today’s buyers are definitely favoring homes with smart home technology – 44 percent in fact, according to a study by Parks Associates. So what is a smart home and how do can incorporate technology into your home?

A smart home is a home equipped with security, lighting, heating and/or electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by a phone or computer. These homes are great because you never have to worry if you left the lights on when you went out of town or if your house will be too warm before you come home. You can control all of it through a simple click of the button.

The home tech market isn’t just for millennials either. Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers are increasingly adding the technology to their homes. In fact, 43% of consumers are willing to adopt smart home technology when making renovations or upgrades to the house, according to Adi Pavlovic, senior technology research analyst at Keller Williams International.  And 57% of buyers would consider an older home if it had smart home technology, according to Parks Associates.

Here are some ways to easily add smart home technology to your home.

Security Systems

You can install several different security systems on your own without having a monthly contract. Samsung has a motion sensor that will notify you on your phone that can integrate to video or lighting cameras. There’s also complete DIY security systems from iSmart Alarm and SimpliSafe.

Energy and Lighting

Nest Smart Thermostats are just a cool toy that everyone is adding to their home wish list. It’s a great tool that can save $130-145 a year. That’s some cool savings for a smart thermostat. And adding smart lighting to your home can save you $50-105 annually. While the cost upfront may be higher for both of these items, they can easily pay for themselves in a year or two.

Family Management and Entertainment

Here are some great tools for the whole family. The Ring Video Doorbell lets you see and talk to anyone at your doorstep. The Amazon Echo Hub is a voice a voice controlled hub for the whole home. You can turn any electronic device into a smart device with the Belkin WeMo Switch which is adapter you plug into the wall. Finally, the Notion Multisensors can sense motion, water, gas and even if someone is opening a cabinet – like a gun safe or a liquor cabinet.