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6 Tips For Getting and Keeping Your Home Clean

Keep Your Home Clean
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By Audrey Noble

Are the record high temperatures keeping you inside? We know how you feel, the Texas heat can be unbearable. While your inside, consider being productive. In other words, focus on a project like cleaning and decluttering and home. Although it may seem logical to go room-by-room, the professionals say this actually isn’t the best way to maintain order throughout the home. With that in mind, follow these six tips from professionals to get and keep your home clean:

1. Go with your first instinct 
Start by doing a complete sweep of your home and getting rid of things by merely listening to your first instinct. If the first thing that comes to your mind is, “get rid of it,” listen – your first instinct knows best.

2. Define yourself and your lifestyle
Think about where you are in your life now and where you want to go. If specific items don’t fit into your life (where it is now) – sorority sweater or something that literally doesn’t fit anymore – toss it. There is no use in keeping something that doesn’t serve a purpose.

3. Remove emotion
Many people hold onto items just for the sentimental value and that is entirely understandable. However, it isn’t good for clutter. When going through things, try to remove the emotion so you don’t feel bad throwing items out.


4. Avoid buying organizers that only have one use
One of the biggest mistakes peope make is buying books and organizers they never end up using.  The lats thing you want is for something you bought to organize your home to become clutter itself.

5. Make organizing a habit
How do you make sure you keep your home looking clean after a major purge?  Make time to organize and clean each week.  Schedule cleaning times on your calendar if you find time slipping away from you. 

6. Don’t bring clutter into the home
Have you ever bought a makeup gift set just so you can get the free travel-sized products that come with it, only to find yourself never using it? Or have you ever bought something online to reach a certain minimum to get free shipping?  The easiest way to keep your home clean is by stopping cutter at the source.