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  • Farmers Branch is a community of approximately 35,991 people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Originally established by holders of land grants in the 1850s, one of them, William Cochran, changed the name to reflect its greatest asset, rich farmland. Heavily advertised in America and abroad as a community of opportunity, it grew quickly. A gristmill and a blacksmith shop were two of the first businesses, followed by a church and a school. When Samuel Gilbert led his neighbors into selling right-of-way through their property to Dallas and Wichita Railway, he insured the area’s healthy growth. During the 1950s era, the population swelled from under 1,000 residents to 13,441 residents. New businesses and better freeways boosted the population again to its current levels of approximately 36,000.

Shopping and Dining

The Galleria Dallas offers the finest shopping experience in the area. With stores like Tiffany and Co. and Louis Vuitton, you are sure to be treated to a luxury shopping experience. The Galleria also boasts a beautiful ice skating rink surrounded by shops and restaurants. An Italian-style glass ceiling covers four stories filled with stores, restaurants, and services. Full service dining includes American Girl BistroGrand Lux Café, Mi Cocina, and the Oceanaire. Shoppers will find Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Gucci, and Guess. Whether you are looking for sporting goods or formalwear, the Galleria can fill your shopping needs.

Farmers Branch real estate is never far from a good place to eat. The Victoria Restaurant is a local favorite, serving Mexican cuisine. Another favorite in that genre is Cuquita’s Restaurant. For gluten-free American food, Four Corners Café is a great place to go. For old-fashioned Texas barbecue, try Marshall’s Bar-B-Q.

Parks and Recreation

Farmers Branch Community Recreation Center offers the Summer Funshine Program for children between the ages of six and twelve. From early June to late August, children can go on field trips, learn arts and crafts, participate in fitness programs, and keep their reading skills fresh. The program includes free breakfast and lunch for a wholesome, healthy resource for families during the summer.

Farmer’s Branch is particularly proud of the Community Garden. It provides the opportunity to grow healthy food while teaching participants about sustainable gardening.

Along the Trinity River, the John F. Burke Nature Preserve protects 104 acres of wetlands and upland forests. It bears the name of the devoted resident that created the Farmers Branch Park System. That system also offers a skate park, beautiful walking trails, and Liberty Plaza, honoring those who fought to protect the nation.

Farmer’s Branch Historical Park opens its doors to over 100,000 guests each year as they come to learn about local history.

Golf is a favorite pastime in Farmers Branch. Brookhaven Country Club has been a favorite since 1957, offering tennis and special events in a beautiful venue overlooking exquisite greens.


IBM is the largest local employer in Farmers Branch with 4,200 employees, followed by JP Morgan Chase Investment Services with 2,390, and the Internal Revenue Service with 1,200 employees.

The average listing price for homes in Farmers Branch was approximately $260,000 in 2017. Farmers Branch real estate opportunities include a few homes in the foreclosure process. The median family income is $62,828 per year.

The violent crime rate in Farmers Branch is exceptionally low at 0.25 percent of the population affected. That is about a third of the rate of violent crimes committed in Dallas County and half of the rate in Texas overall.

About 78 percent of Farmers Branch real estate is between 35 and 65 years old, built between 1950 and 1990.

Schools, Health, Transportation

The Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District consists of 45 schools, five of which are in Farmers Branch. The elementary schools serving Farmers Branch real estate are Farmers Branch Elementary and Stark Elementary. The intermediate schools are Blair, Strickland, and Field. Charter schools like Texans Can Academies add to the options. High school students attend R.L. Turner High in Carrollton or Early College High in Dallas. Nearby private schools include Mary Immaculate Catholic School, The Parish Episcopal School, Greenhill School, the Westwood School, and St. Rita Catholic School.

College opportunities in the area include the University of Dallas, a private Catholic college, Dallas College, DeVry University and the University of Phoenix in Irving. Dallas Christian College is a well-respected school of divinity located in nearby Dallas.

Baylor Scott & White Health and Medical City Las Colinas offer some of the finest medical care in the area. Coppell Surgical Center and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital also provide outstanding medical service near Farmers Branch. Local urgent care facilities include Concentra Urgent Care and Star Medical Group.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit, or DART, connects Farmers Branch to the 13 surrounding communities. The Green Line offers a commute into Dallas via light rail. The closest major airports are Dallas Love Field and The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


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