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8 Tips for Creating Fall Curb Appeal

8 Tips for Creating Fall Curb Appeal

Fall is an excellent time to sell your home, but what do you do in terms of curb appeal when the bright green foliage and colors of spring and summer are fading away? Here are some tips to catch a Buyer’s eyes this fall season.

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1. Make your front yard shine.

The autumn leaves on your front yard trees will instantly make your home more attractive, but don’t forget to rake the fallen leaves and touch up any brown spots in your yard. You may not have to cut the grass as often, but take care to remove any weeds and remember to edge to keep the yard looking neat. It’s important as well to prune any shrubs and trees, keeping dead branches from falling into your yard.

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2. Plant fall flowers.

Spice up your front flower beds with some splashes of color. Replace your fading summer and spring plants with mums and marigolds and other colorful plants. If you don’t have a front garden bed, add some aster, sedum or mums in planters or pots to create some visual interest.

3. Showcase your front door.

With less color around the yard, it’s a great time of year to highlight your front door, one of the first things people will see. Put a simple fall wreath on it or paint your door a vibrant red or black to make your entrance pop. If your door doesn’t have the best insulation, now is also a great time to replace your door with an Energy Star-qualified door, something that is attractive to Buyers.

4. Spruce up the exterior.

With falling leaves, your home becomes more exposed, making your home’s exterior appearance more apparent. Before your home is listed, pressure wash the siding and clean the windows. If the paint is faded or chipped, a fresh coat of weather-resistant paint will make your home look newer and more fresh.

5. Clean out the gutters.

Performing regular seasonal maintenance on your home shows Buyers that you care about your home’s upkeep. The fall is a great time to clean out the gutters of leaves and other debris which will help to prevent water damage.

6. Add exterior lighting.

With the days growing shorter, it’s important that you have sufficient lighting for Buyers to access your front door safely. Use decorative lights for walkways and floodlights or lanterns to illuminate entrance areas. Lighting your home will also be appealing to any Buyers driving your neighborhood at night looking at the safety of the neighborhood.

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7. Keep seasonal decorations minimal.

Going overboard with seasonal decorations such as scarecrows and spooky Halloween décor will distract Buyers from your home. Keep it fresh and simple with an autumn wreath and flowers/plants.

8. Update your mailbox and numbers.

Adding a new upgraded mailbox can make your overall home feel updated, adding to its curb appeal. If your house has old and faded house numbers, purchasing new numbers will also add to the curb appeal. Match the look of the numbers to the finish of your exterior light fixtures blending the two features together. Choose from numbers made from stainless steel, brass or aluminum for lasting durability.

(Source: HGTV)

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