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All About: Sundance Square

All About: Sundance Square

sundance square

Encompassing 35 blocks of Fort Worth, sits Sundance Square – an urban development full of shops, restaurants, entertainment and offices. Owned by the Bass Brothers, Sundance Square was voted one of the most walkable downtowns in the U.S. Here’s a little bit more about this section of Fort Worth, which sees more than 10 million visitors annual.

The development was built with urban planning principles in mind allowing for organic growth and restoring old buildings to their historic charm. The 42 buildings in Sundance Square are both modern and historic and total more than three million square feet of retail and office space. Of that three million square feet, 91 percent is at occupancy. There’s 482,818 square feet of retail with 95 percent occupancy. You’ll know you’re in Sundance Square from its red-brick streets, charming courtyards and expansive plaza.

Anchoring the development is Sundance Square Plaza, which is the one of the top 10 places for proposals in the area. The plaza is integrated into everything and features a five and six story building as bookends. It’s an entertainment destination and has events throughout the year like New Year’s Eve, movie nights, and Christmas lights. You can often find live music at the plaza’s built-in stage and have unique umbrellas – a must for shade in the summer sun – from Germany that can be found nowhere else in the world.

Sundance Square is not only easy to get to but also has ample parking.

There’s 5,400 parking spaces, which is all free on weekends. During the week, shops and restaurants offer validation for two and a half hours. What’s even better? There are 10 valet parking lots that are free. You can drop your car if in one lot, and pick it up at another. It’s parking in a city at its easiest and finest.

The Square features the finest in shopping from couture to casual. There’s also accessories, jewelry, gifts, flowers and bicycles. One of the newest shops is Silver Leaf Cigar and Houston St. Toy Co. After all that shopping you can get some great drinks and food at one of the many locations. You can find craft beer, fine wine, Mexican, American, Italian and Asian food. One of the area’s newest restaurants serving creative breakfasts and fresh-pressed juices.

Sundance Square hopes to continue to grow and develop with eight surface lots all potential developments. They’re hoping for a hotel and high-rise residential to come in the future as well. Sundance Square is a great place to visit for everyone in the family both day and night.