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Bathroom And Kitchen Trends For 2018

Bathroom And Kitchen Trends For 2018

I had the privilege of photographing a recently renovated apartment on the Cape Coast and this is an image of an en-suite bathroom lit by it’s skylight.

Is a home renovation in your future? Since trends change year-over-year, it is a good idea to look to the future when considering a home renovation– especially if you are thinking about selling your home in the next couple of years. What trends are the experts predicting for kitchens and bathroom in 2018?


Here are the most popular:

Granite is Out! – Granite, while popular for years, is on its way out of our kitchen…what is taking its place? Quartz countertops, of course! Quartz is durable, fresh and has incredible finish options! What other options are trending? Concrete and butcher’s block countertops – the latter is especially popular for a center island.

Bold Hardware – While chrome and satin are still the go-to options for a classic look, it appears that hardware trends are going BOLD in 2018. For the ultimate bold statement, add shiny brass throughout your home. However, if you’re looking for something not quite as bright we recommend rose gold – it stands out, but not as much as shiny brass!

Stone Sinks – Custom pieces are trending – and, this applies to sinks as well. Look for beautiful hand-carved stone sinks to appear throughout houses in 2018. While stone sinks are popular, many individuals will stick to porcelain sinks to keep the cost down while maintaining a classic look.

Two-Toned Cabinets – The days of the all-white kitchens are gone! Look for two-toned cabinets to trend in 2018. Different colored upper and lower cabinets add visual interest and contrast to your kitchen space. This technique works particularly well with darker lower cabinets and lighter upper cabinets – or, if you’re not completely sold on this design trend, start out small by just painting your kitchen island a different color. Painting your kitchen island a different color achieves visual interest and contrast while not going all out.

Colors – BLUE and Navy – Colors are the biggest trend of 2018 – especially BLUE! The trend has hit everything from cabinets to fabrics to appliances and even doors.

Subway Tile is Out! – Subway tile is officially out! What tile is trending now? Any tile with a unique texture, color or pattern.

Which future trend are you considering adding to your home in 2018? Personally, we love the two-toned cabinets!  If you have any questions about renovating your home, we are here to help! Contact us anytime.