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Buy Before You Sell

Buying and selling a home can sometimes become stressful. There can be scary risks like the uncertainty of traditional real estate transactions that you may encounter throughout the process, and it can make you feel discouraged at times. But that doesn’t always have to be the case.  

Our Buy Before You Sell Program allows you to secure your next home with cash, avoiding the risks of selling first. Have the confidence to buy your dream home, move on your own terms, and avoid the hassle of moving twice and paying two mortgages by buying then selling – all made possible before you even sell your current home.   


Here’s how it works:   

 Step #1: Get Approved.  

  • Our financial partner approves you for a specific amount so you can start shopping and be ready to make an offer as soon as the home you want comes on the market.  

Step #2: Make a cash offer.  

  • We work with you to make a cash offer on your new home. Cash offers are 3x more likely to beat financed offers.  

Step #3: Win the home.  

  • After the seller accepts your offer, we finalize the purchase. You have a few tasks to complete, too, including paying your earnest money deposit, scheduling an inspection, and signing mortgage disclosure statements.  

Step #4: Move into your new home.  

  • You can close on your new home as soon as the title is ready. You can move in the very next day and rent from our partner until you buy it back.  

Step #5: List and sell your old home.  

  • We list your existing home and sell it for top dollar. Our partner can provide a floor price guarantee to most homebuyers. So, if your home doesn’t sell in six months, they will buy it from you.  

Step #6: Buy back your new home.  

  • You finalize your mortgage and close on your new home by buying it back.