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Cost of Waiting to Buy a Home | Minteer Real Estate Team

Cost of Waiting to Buy a Home

Indecision could be ruining your chance to score a great deal on a home loan! The cost of waiting to buy a home is rising!

If you are looking to sell or move up, why wait any longer?  While we aren’t able to accurately predict where mortgage rates will be within the next 6 months or year, we are seeing trends that lean towards higher rates within the coming year.

Below is a sample of how this could potentially impact your monthly mortgage payments (principal and interest included).

While interest rates are still near historic lows, there is certainly a significant value being made for making a purchase now rather than waiting.We are still in the early stages of recovery in the housing market, and with home inventory remaining low, rates may rise even higher to encourage potential buyers to act quickly.

If you have any questions regarding our post and how these rates could impact your decision in buying a home, please contact Minteer Real Estate Team and we are happy to help.

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