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Delivering WOW to Our Clients with Every Transaction

We know when a client chooses us to find their perfect home or sell their current one, they are getting the best expertise in the business. However, it’s not about convincing ourselves. Here a few examples of what sets us apart from our competition — enabling us to deliver “Wow” to our clients every day.  

First Time Home Buyers 

We love working with our first-time homebuyers because they’re so excited about the process. However, they are also unaware of many pitfalls and could be quickly taken advantage of. We strive to bring to the table not only market knowledge but negotiation skills. Because to get them to a successful closing, we want to make sure they’ve made a wise investment.  Not only making sure that their money has been well spent, but they’re also cared for in a way that we explain the process throughout.  

Keeping an open line of communication throughout the whole transaction is critical. So they know exactly what’s going on and what to expect. Every time we attend a closing with a first-time homebuyer, it’s extremely rewarding because we know we’ve helped them acquire potentially the most significant investment of their lives. To see them as happy clients makes everything we do worthwhile.  

What Sets Us Apart  

Here’s a perfect example of what we do differently than other agents out there and why you should choose to work with us. We had clients looking for a home in a particular neighborhood for over a year and a half maybe, two years. They wanted a specific street in that neighborhood. Well, guess what? We found a home that hadn’t hit the market yet and got them into that house before it went up for sale. So they got their dream home. Then we put their house on the market to sell. Successfully sold it with multiple offers in three days and got them top dollar in their neighborhood.   

It was just an incredibly easy process for them. However, without having an expert team behind them wouldn’t have been able to navigate that. In fact, they had had another agent that lost them their perfect house. So this is why the Minteer Team has systems and processes put into place to deliver incredible experiences for our clients.   

When You Need a Real Estate Expert  

Here’s another example of we successfully helped another family in the area. Knowing the market was shifting recently, we helped them execute a contract on a property. It was a contingent offer but knowing this was in their best interest. We worked through multiple contingencies to get them to a quicker close because the market was shifting.  Due to their home being in a new construction community, it was hard to appraise.   

We gave the appraiser some information about the property and some comparables. He informed us after the fact that without that assistance, they would not have made value and wouldn’t successfully be closing on that property. So getting them to the next stage in their life was something that we felt was important to do quickly for them.  Now we have a successful story for them, and they’re a very happy client. So that’s just another example of what we can bring to the table for clients that come to see us.