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Get the Most Out of Your Yard!

Get the Most Out of Your Yard!

The warm summer months are upon us, and whether you’re selling your home and creating curb appeal for that special buyer, or loving your home and creating a relaxing outdoor getaway, here are some tips to get the most out of your yard.

  • Maintenance:  Clean the gutters, wash the windows, repair or replace broken window and door screens, replace broken light bulbs, trim the bushes and paint that fading trim.  These are not fun tasks, but they are the first things people notice and are the start to a great outdoor space.
  • Landscape:  Consider both hardscaping and softscaping in your landscape design.  Hardscaping includes patios, walls, arbors, gazebos, decks and walkways.  Softscaping includes the lawn, flowers, trees and shrubs. Combining the two will bring symmetry and lasting appeal to your space.
  • Fire & Water:  Fire pits are a great focal point on a patio and the perfect gathering place for evening events.  Now that they are more affordable and easy to find, try adding this element to your design. Remember – safety first!  Water is a serene addition to any getaway.  Not ready for a big pond or waterfall? Add a stone fountain as a garden centerpiece or a tabletop fountain next to your favorite chair.
  • Furnishings:  Set up a place to relax and enjoy your new oasis.  Choose comfortable chairs and benches made out of teak, bamboo, stone or rust-proof metal.  Add side tables – you’ll need a place to sit that cool, refreshing drink!  Grab a book, kick back and relax.

Your yard is an extension of your home – enjoy that outdoor space!

by:  Ann McLaughlin, Minteer Real Estate Team Listing Manager