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Minteer Real Estate Team – 30 years of helping North Texas families

Minteer Real Estate Team – 30 years of helping North Texas families

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The Beginning

In 1986, Chris Minteer started her career in real estate because of the flexibility it gave her with her husband’s job. 30 years later, Minteer and her group Minteer Real Estate Team are celebrating their 30th year of helping thousands of North Texas families sell and find their dream homes.

“When I first started in this business in 1986, I had no idea of the opportunity and the potential a real estate career had to offer,” Minteer, an associate-broker and licensed Realtor, said.


Now, Minteer Real Estate Team is the number one Keller Williams Realty team in Northeast Tarrant County and one of the top teams within the country. Minteer and her team has sold more than $650 million in homes in their 30 years and has helped more than 3,000 families achieve their dreams of home ownership.

With a background in marketing and sales, real estate afforded Minteer the opportunity to build a business while still using her prior experience and knowledge.

“Real estate has allowed me to build a sustainable business that continues to grow,” Minteer said. “As the market has changed and more is offered, it has allowed us to grow yet offer personalized assistance
to more people.”

A visionary, Minteer was a pioneer in seeing the validity of having a team to work together to help their clients. In 1995, she hired her first part-time assistant.  As technology developed, Minteer and her team were able to do their jobs faster and help even more families. When Minteer moved over to Keller Williams in 1999, Keller Williams’ system of building teams allowed the team to grow even more. Now, in 2016, the team consists of 10 members, each with their own specialties to best assist their clients with either buying or selling their homes.

Leaders in the Industry

Minteer has seen many changes in the business from carrying around MLS books and quarters to make phone calls on the road to now the amount of knowledge the consumer has at their fingertips before even speaking to an agent. Minteer Real Estate Team has remained at the cutting edge of technology to keep up with the ever-changing real estate market. However, Minteer Real Estate Team’s focus has always remained on their clients.

“[Real estate] still comes down to a people-driven business and people want to have that contact and knowledge that we have to offer,” Minteer said. “All the technology and information out there really means nothing unless you can apply it. That’s why we need to be there to help our clients.”

Remaining in a career for 30 years is now a rarity, but Minteer has continued through the ups and downs of the real estate market because of her viewpoint of her job.

“I don’t look at [my career] as having a job,” Minteer said. “I look at it as being able to help people. The more we have helped, the more we have had the opportunity to help. Our focus has always been on providing great customer service. When potential clients see our name on a sign, they’ll know that no matter what price point their looking in, they matter and that they’re going to get a great quality level of service.”

Where to Next?

Minteer wants her team to continue to grow and expand and continue to do what they do best. Her passion is helping families with their biggest financial investment.

“I want the team to self-sustain,” Minteer said. “We have the ethics, the integrity and heart to help our clients and offer even more. Having great people on the team, we can continue to do that.”