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Small Upgrades for Your Home

It’s easy to feel the need to switch up the design and layout of your home every once in a while. A new element or a crafty project can bring new life into your space. Need some ideas on a few projects to get you started? We have you covered!

The books on your shelves can often be overlooked, but why not make them a focal point that blend in with your color scheme? Wrap your books in scrapbook paper, and you’ve immediately prettied up your paperbacks and your bookcases.

Rearrange what’s hanging on your wall. If you have a mashup of pictures, posters, and canvases, consider taking them all down and making a large gallery wall over the sofa in your living room. It makes you look at your wall space in a whole new light.

A little greenery can brighten up any room. Think about adding in some larger houseplants close to windows and entryways and smaller succulents on dressers and tables.

New tableware can reinvent your dinner parties and make the simple task of plating your meals and setting the table fun again. Who doesn’t get excited strolling the aisles for new plates, bowls, and wine glasses?

If you’re looking for some more ideas on subtle design touches you can add to your home, click here.