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Home Holiday Decorating

Well, we made it through Halloween, and you may have noticed that stores were putting out the Christmas decorations before the cobwebs were even cleared.  You may have also seen all the funny Christmas decorating memes both from those who think it’s too early and those that think November 1st is the perfect time to bust out the garland and twinkle lights.

And now there is a study that shows those Holly Jolly decorators may be on to something.

The Journal of Environmental Psychology put out a study that says decorating takes us back to our childhood those exciting childhood holiday memories. It’s not a surprise in our fast-paced, stress and often frustrating world, we look for the things that transport us to a happier time. And that is precisely what holiday decorating can do, evoke those magical feeling from childhood. Not only does it make you happier to decorate early for the holidays, but it can also make you seem more accessible to your neighbors. The study shows that other people view those who decorate are more approachable and friendlier. So, if you just moved to a new neighborhood, get to decorating! And if you are ready to get on the happiness train, here are some ideas to get you there.


Christmas Cheer

Love Martha Stewart? Then you will die when you see her holiday designs for all of her homes.

Is a country Christmas your idea of a Christmas wish come true? Country living has the decorating ideas to bring out the rustic charm in your home.

With these creative ways to get your home in the holiday spirit every room in your house will be filled with joy.

Are you looking for a change from the traditional this holiday season? These gorgeous decor trends will be game changer you are looking for.

Are you a firm believer in Thanksgiving decor and then Christmas decor? Don’t get your feathers ruffled, see what we did there? We have the perfect Thanksgiving decor to spice up your home.


Thanksgiving Magic

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Get your Turkey on here.

You’ll love these cozy and cute Thanksgiving touches for your home.

Ready to elevate your tablescapes? Elle has the looks that will leave your guests speechless.


Wonder if you are ready to decorate?

Do your eyes light up at the sight of the holiday aisles in the store?

Do you continue to add to your collection?

Are you’re tired of hearing people say, “it’s too early”?

Is your motto- the earlier, the more time to celebrate?

Do you turn decorating into an all-out event?

Do you have a holiday box in your closet that you can’t wait to open?


If you said yes to one or all these statements, this is your time to shine!