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Local New Years Eve Hotspots

As we recover in the dust left behind by Christmas, 2019 is ringing the doorbell waiting to come in.  If you are like us and can’t believe we are already saying goodbye to 2018 but admittedly are ready for it to be over. Here are some fun ways around town that you can ring in the New Year.

For those that want to get fancy, check out this list of the 28 best ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018 in Dallas-Fort Worth.

For those that are looking for a family-friendly way to celebrate or celebrate earlier in the day check out these kid-friendly countdowns.

And if the Christmas craziness has you wishing for a nice night in away from the crows here are five ways, you can welcome 2019 at home.

Movie Marathon
An easy way to stay occupied while waiting for the New Year is to watch a ton of movies! Depending on when you start, you could make it through the three Santa Claus movies, or even the majority of the Harry Potter series! Or watch all the remaining Christmas movies you have yet to watch, or maybe also let each person in your friend group or family pick out one movie to watch that was their favorite of the year.

Countdown Bags to Open Hourly
Make a bunch of small bags filled with goodies, and open one at each hour mark.  This would be a fun thing to do with the kiddos as well as with friends or a significant other, especially if the bags are filled with gifts. This keeps the night entertaining and you always have something to look forward to while waiting for the ball to drop!

New Year, New Do, New You
The coming of the New Year has always been associated with changes and trying new things. If you’re looking to make a difference, why not start a little early!  In the hour or so leading up to midnight, why not start the process of dying, cutting and/or restyling your hair! If you want that added dramatic and showy step, wait until exactly midnight for the reveal of the finished product.

Blanket Fort Build Off
Great for all ages. Gather up all the blankets and pillows in your house and create a huge fort!  You can then bundle up in your comfiest PJs and lay down inside, ready to watch Christmas movies, read a book, talk for hours on end, or view all the festivities in Times Square.

Cook a Fancy Meal
If you’re not usually someone who cooks a lot, this might be the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!  Find the fanciest and most delicious sounding recipe either online or in a good old-fashioned cookbook, put on your chef’s hat and start cookin!

Check out these other ways to have fun at home bringing in the New Year.