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The Top 10 Things to Add to Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

 Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

While we’re enjoying the Texas cold front, this weekend may be the right time to get a few chores done. I mean, this is Texas we could have ice on the roads next week. Here are the top ten most recommended maintenance items to perform on your home to prepare for cooler temps. 

Indoor Home Maintenance

  1. Schedule HVAC Maintenance – Having an annual furnace inspection performed can reduce the likelihood of a breakdown during a freeze. 
  2. Replace Furnace Filters – Replacing furnace filters make your heating system run more efficiently, distributing heat better and cutting down your energy costs.
  3. Seal Drafts – Seal cracks around windows and doors to lower your heating costs over the winter. 
  4. Drain and Flush Water Heater – Do this at least once a year to remove sediment (minerals like magnesium and calcium) that can force the system to work harder to heat your water.
  5. Insulate Pipes – Use fiberglass or foam sleeves, which can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

Once you’re done indoors, head outside to prep the exterior of your home for winter weather. 

Outdoor Home Maintenance

  1. Clean Gutters – You’ll want to clear out all leaves. Make sure gutters and downspouts are free of debris so they’ll direct water away from the foundation, walkways, and driveways.
  2. Inspect Your Roof – Look for damaged or missing roof tiles, and when you head back inside, check in the attic for evidence of leaks or anything coming loose. Spotting and repairing a roof leak now saves you the cost of patching it throughout the winter.
  3. Complete Seasonal Lawn Care – Drain your sprinkler system, store hoses, turn off faucets, aerate and fertilize your lawn to set yourself up for a healthy green grass next spring. 
  4. Check Your Deck – Clean off fallen leaves and other debris, look for missing or rusted bolts, boards that need to be replaced, and signs of rot, which could worsen over a long, wet winter.  
  5. Get Out Winter Gear – Bring out the ice melt! Make sure you have enough so you won’t be stuck in your garage after the first Texas sleet. 

Most of these items, except HVAC maintenance can be completed by the average homeowner. If you don’t feel comfortable doing any of these things on your own, hire a licensed professional. You’re better off spending the extra money for professional help than potentially creating a more significant problem trying to be an overachiever and DIY-ing it.

Don’t know who to call? We can recommend vendors to help you out, just give us a ring!