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Why You Need Homebot for Real Estate

According to urban.org, older homeowners are increasingly tapping their home equity to build wealth. By the time the average American reaches the age of retirement, 83% of their wealth comes from their equity.  

However, a lot of homeowners still don’t consider their homes as investment assets and as a result, homeowners leave billions of dollars in potential wealth due to a lack of knowledge and guidance.   

The real estate market tends to change from time to time and the home value you’re getting from different tools may be inaccurate because these values appreciate quickly and algorithms can’t keep up with the demand.   

Luckily, Homebot is here to help! This powerful tool gives you an accurate overview of your home value every month and packages it into a personalized financial dashboard that you can easily access on your phone. Their reports are easy to navigate and understand thanks to their user-friendly application.  

Aside from this, Homebot gives you a report of your current equity on your property and valuable home finance information. We also have a team of experts who will help interpret what’s happening in the market and will guide you with any real estate questions that you may have.  

Let us know if you’re interested so we can help you get started and manage your wealth through real estate! Contact us at info@minteerteam.com or 817-796-9172 today!