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Keep Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

Keep Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is the time of year to enjoy your home. The word home, is a word of comfort for most. It conjures images of warm fireplaces, cozy beds, and comfy couches, giving you a sense of security and repose. Your home is a place to feel safe, where you can relax and unwind after attending to your daily duties at work or school.

 A home is not a place you expect to have an intruder and definitely not a place of fear.

 Unfortunately, every 18 seconds another burglary occurs in the United States, leaving victims feeling helpless and violated. Nearly $4 billion worth of property is lost annually in burglaries. However, that hardly compares to the immeasurable loss of peace and security within one’s home.
 While you can never completely eliminate the risk of a break-in, burglaries are often made possible by simple security errors. The smallest decisions can have the biggest impact on the safety of your home and how it may be perceived by a burglar. Whether or not you leave lights on when going out, keep your yard and bushes well-trimmed, and remember to secure all your doors and windows regularly can be the deciding factor for a burglar when targeting a home.

Knowledge is your most powerful tool because you can’t protect against something you know nothing about. The Mr. Rekey DIY Home Security Guide is designed to inform you about burglary and the security missteps that could put you at risk, as well as equip you with DIY tips for a burglar-proof home. It’s time to take action now, so you don’t let a burglary keep you from feeling safe in your home.

(This is a guest post from Mr. Rekey. While the information is valuable, we do not endorse any products or services.)