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Partner with a Real Estate Consultant for Life

A real estate transaction can bring to the table a lot of emotions. It can be happy. It can be exciting, but it also can be very emotional for people as they go through different phases of their life.  It’s during these different phases choosing the right realtor can make all the difference.

Choosing a Realtor with Experience to Handle the Tough Situations

For some clients, it’s not just finding a home to start their lives in. It’s dealing with the sale of a home after a loved one has passed on. During these tough times, it is essential to partner with a real estate consultant that has a great depth of knowledge to be able to assist with reaching out to the different partners such as attorneys and title companies that may be needed when handling probate situations. Without the right connections, the transaction might not go as smoothly as it should in such an emotional time. That’s part of where the depth of knowledge comes into play. Experience really does mean something when dealing with the different phases of people’s lives. 

Client Satisfaction is Top Priority

At Minteer, our business is over 70 percent past clients and referrals from clients. We’ve had the opportunity of working with the same client’s multiple times. Working with them as young families making that first purchase to moving them on up is their family’s get bigger. Or as the kids move out and they are looking to downsize. Whatever the case may be, we feel by building these strong relationships; we get the opportunity to work them again and again. We are even starting to see their children and grandchildren come to us. We’re always blessed to feel that they come back to us and that they feel that we bring value to what they do and helping them make their investments continue to work for them as they make changes in their life. 

Picking Up Where Other Realtors Left Off

In other situations, it may be helping a client that has already partnered with another realtor but is not having much luck selling their home. We had the opportunity of being referred by a past client to a friend of theirs. They had their house on the market with another top agent in our marketplace. It had been out there for several months and had not had success in selling it in what was a very hot market. We were able to go in look at the property. Then give them ideas and suggestions on how we felt we might be able to position at best in the market and within a 30-day window. We received an offer that they were very pleased with and accepted. That’s just an example of being able to go at it with our expertise and look at it with different eyes to make it happen. We feel that those folks will now turn around and refer us again.

Real Estate with Results

Minteer Real Estate Team provides our clients Real Estate with Results through our years of experience, superior market knowledge, and a WOW customer service experience.

At Minteer Real Estate Team, real estate is more than just a house with a for sale sign in the front yard. It’s about bringing people home where they can build their lives and make lasting memories or even saying bye to the home they loved. We feel every house, and every client we work with has a story which is why we promise to be with each of our clients every step of the way, giving them the premier real estate experience so they can start the next chapter of their life.