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The Top 17 Home Design Trends For 2017

As we start this new year, many homeowners want to look at ways to refresh their home and make the home up to date. This year’s top home design trends call for plush textures and modern takes on more traditional designs with unique colors, textures and material choices. And, for remodels, homeowners are looking to make upgrades that make their living spaces more convenient and luxurious.

home design trends

If you are looking to sell your home this year, it may not be advisable to incorporate all these trends into your home at once. However HomeAdvisor Chief Economist Brad Hunter says that some of the renovation trends for the year like human docking stations and shedquarters combined with new appliances, countertops and cabinets can help sell a home quickly and at a higher price.


Built-in bars

Keep the party at home with a sleek built-in bar. Expanding on the 2016’s bar cart trend, a built-in bar is the perfect addition if you love to entertain. A built-in bar adds a fun focal point to a traditional kitchen while offering built-in shelving for cocktails fixings, drinks, glasses and a small seating area. If you already have a built-in wet bar, look at updating it with this year’s design trends.

Contrasting islands

Last year we saw the trend of mismatched cabinets and mix-matched kitchen materials, this year, look out for contrasting islands. To knock this trend out of the park, choose a contrasting color and shade. If your kitchen has warm tones, then have your island in the cool color palette.

Colored island plus colored fridge

2017 is the year of color after years of whites and grays. This year add color to your kitchen island and add a retro feel to your kitchen with a vibrantly colored refrigerator.

Hexagonal Tile Backsplash

This year, you’ll be seeing tile designs in different geometric shapes, but the star of the game will be hexagons. You can mix the designs up with a monochromatic look or choose a couple of complementary colors to create an interesting focal point in the kitchen.

White and Wood Kitchens

Like more of a country vibe a la Magnolia Homes or just nervous to try the geometric shapes and bright colors, remodel your kitchen with the simple yet chic white accessories and wood countertops.

Wall of Tile in the Kitchen

2017 is the year of creating major and interesting focal points in the kitchen. If you have a large blank space in the kitchen, then instead of painting it as an accent wall, cover it in tile. Or if you’re feeling really trendy, cover all the walls in your kitchen in floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall tile.

Marble surfaces

Granite is so two years ago. Upgrade your kitchen countertops in marble in beautiful shades of white and light gray to create a modern, yet accessible, look. Can’t go for the all tile look? Incorporate marble into your flooring, tabletops and home accessories.

Overall Design

Jewel Tones

You can check out more about 2017 color trends here, but don’t forget to add color in 2017. Grays are out and saturated jewel tones are in. Incorporate emerald greens and sapphire blues into artwork, furniture and other home accessories.


If you haven’t noticed, adding texture and color is it for 2017, and there isn’t a better way to do that then through a velvet statement piece. Home designers are adding this lush fabric to sofas, throw pillows and even curtains for a rich, luxurious look.



Vanities are making a comeback this year, and instead of ripping out your countertops and purchasing pre-manufactured designs, get crafty by using chests of drawers, old file cabinets and vintage consoles to make one-of-a kind vanities.

Black steel and glass

Enhance your shower and take to the next level with black steel and glass doors. These statement showers creates a chic space that allows lots of natural light to come through.


Hanging lights

Instead of using table lamps, hang pendant lights to create a whimsical and open look. This is a great option for small rooms where there isn’t much of an option for table lamps or if you want your nightstands to be less cluttered.

Instead of table lamps, consider hanging pendant lights in the bedroom to create a whimsical style. This option works especially well in small rooms where there’s no space for nightstands (or where you want to use your nightstand space for something besides a lamp).

Rich, romantic colors

While beiges and neutral colors are great for living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, this year warm, rich and romantic colors will take over bedrooms. According to Houzz, colors like raspberry pink, ruby red, caramel and black are the right shades for adding romance into the bedroom.

Home remodels and upgrades

Multi-room remodels

Since the economy has recovered from the recession, the unemployment rate has decreased and home values have risen greatly, this is the year for multi-room remodels and other major remodels where homeowners will see a great ROI.

Home docking stations

Wi-Fi has all but alleviated the need for the traditional home office. This year create your own home docking station out of small equipment cabinet with a drop-down or pull-out desk surface to tackle quick tasks and have a space to store printers, file cabinets. Use the extra space from the home office to create more livable places in the home.

Garage remodels

Homewoners are notorious for misusing their garages as storage spaces and not even having enough room to store a car. This year will see garages being more useable as they are converted into mother-in-law suites or as a guest room for family and friends.


2016 introduced us to the She-Shed, but with home-based businesses on the rise, Hunter says to see more of these shedquarters – “a small structure that is on the property, but outside of the house, often utilized for home-based businesses.” Expect to see more of these planned for flex spaces for offices or even entertaining spaces.

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